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series I subscription: Vol 1/Ch 3 (3 month)

Image of series I subscription: Vol 1/Ch 3 (3 month)


our stories
are part of where we come from,
where we are,
and where we will go.


subscription to the Postale Society invites you into our membership circle with exclusive access to the sharing & telling of these stories.

with your subscription you will receive a postcard each month for 3 months; each one telling you part of the story, confiding a little more with each card.

witness as the pieces come together,
characters will be revealed, first dates, courting, engagements, loss, grief & forbidden love.

membership will also give you access to an exclusive members-only room on-line at the Postale Society, where more secrets & history will be shared.


plus, as a limited bonus with our first series, each new member will receive a postcard packet, which will be a mood board of kinds for the series, containing images and mementos hinting at more clues to the story.

memberships can be taken in your name or as a gift subscription for a dear friend (if a gift, please specify the name, postal & email address of the recipient in the notes to seller at checkout or send us an email).